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l2jserver rev. 8693

Разработчик: l2jServer
Размер: 24 MB
Хроники: HF5
Платформа: Java
Ревизия: 8693
Залито на: turbobit
год: 2012


BETA: Datapack part for [L5192]:
Added gameMasterSkillTree.xml
Added gameMasterAuraSkillTree.xml
Added heroSkillTree.xml
Added nobleSkillTree.xml
BETA: Removed duplicated spawns.
BETA: More Rainbow Springs Chateau fixes:
RainbowSpringsChateau? cleanup and fixes.
Implemented Messenger's retail HTMLs and AI.
Implemented Caretaker's retail HTMLs and AI.
Datapack part for [L5190].
BETA: Removing Kasha Bear's duplicated spawn, thanks Loup_Solitaire.
BETA: Removing duplicated spawn for Yetti Messenger (35604), thanks tukune for report.
BETA: Adding all missing Territory Managers spawns.
BETA: fix PvP Dynasty Halberd (Critical Stun)
BETA: More conquerable clan halls fixes:
RainbowSpringsChateau? _pendingItemToGet's key is L2Clan not Integer.
When using replaceAll(..) is required to assign the returned object, otherwise it'll be ignored.
BETA: Misc fixes:
Fixed Scroll of Resurrection typo from [8679], thanks baluu for report.
Fixed JavaDocs?, removed non-JavaDocs? comments and some @see JavaDocs?.
Formatted CancelDebuff? class.
BETA: Moving extractable skill handler to effects:
Improved formatter a bit.
Implemented RestorationRandom? effect.
Unhardcoded for target, now a player can extract items into it's target depending on skill's target type.
Fixed some typos on AdminEventEngine? HTML dynamic build.
Removed debug messages from ItemSkillsTemplate?.
Removed extractable skill handler.
Fixed OracleTeleport? teleport.
Replaced all skill types for extractable skills with DUMMY, and added RestorationRandom? effect.

Add telnet command to send packet data to players
(equivalent to using packet forge from telnet)
BETA: Fix ClassMaster? error
BETA: Improving UseItem?'s log and avoiding flood in logs.
Unmanaged Item handler: means there is an item handler defined in XML, but doesn't have a Java counterpart.
No item handler registered: means the items doesn't have an item handler defined in XML, yet the client request it's use.
BETA: Adding a config for maximum adena. Better throw all those gold bars to the trash because now you can set values as big as this: 9 223 372 036 854 775 807 - nine quintillion two hundred twenty three quadrillion three hundred seventy two trillion thirty six billion eight hundred fifty four million seven hundred seventy five thousand eight hundred seven.
If your server reach this value, you really have to lower the rates :)
BETA: Implementing more skill trees:
Removed hardcoded GMSkillTable.
Removed hardcoded HeroSkillTable?.
Removed hardcoded NobleSkillTable?.
Implemented support for XML new skill trees.
BETA: Fix for for Hero diary from [5145], thanks Vulcan and tukune for report.
BETA: Fixing few methods naming:
getHasFort() to getFortId()
getHasCastle() to getCastleId()
getHasHideout() to getHideoutId()
setHasFort(..) to setFortId(..)
setHasCastle(..) to setCastleId(..)
getHasHideout(..) to setHideoutId(..)
Fixed JavaDocs? related to those methods.
BETA: NullPointerException? fix, thanks tukune for report.
BETA: Olympiad rework:
Unnecessary float cast/math round.
Writing to static field from instanced method.
Wrong usage of objects and maps, if you get a reference from an object in a map and update it (the object, for example using a method to update a parameter), is not required to remove and then put the object again, unless you have created a new object instance, where also is not required to remove! put(..) method will replace/update given the proper key and the old value will be returned, if not existent return null.
CompetitionType? class formatting.
Some other minor fixes.
BETA: Implementation of Listeners thanks theone
BETA: ClassCastException? fix for ClanHallSiegeEngine?.
BETA: Generalizing rate configuration for fishes for all extractable skills/items.
Updated formatter for Community Server too.
BETA: Moving Extractable skill handler to effects:
Improved formatter a bit.
Implemented ConditionTargetInvSize?:
Allows to check inventory size conditions on target.
Implemented ConditionTargetWeight?
Allows to check weight gauge conditions on target.
Reworked the way Extractable skills data is parsed.
Removed old skill types and added RESTORATION_RANDOM effect type.
BETA: Items reuse implementation:
Item handlers return true on successful usage, false otherwise.
Implemented item reuse delay and shared reuse group.
Implemented database persistence for item reuse time.
Moved reuse stamps for skills to FastMap? as they originally were.
Reworked TimeStamp? class and moved out of L2PcInstance.
Added proper JavaDocs? to L2ItemInstance.
Unhardcoded Calculator.
BETA: Addressing the problem of unchecked casting in AugmentationData?.
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